I've promised you to show you what I bought in Amsterdam and I also promised you to tell everything about the nine streets. Well, the nine streets disappointed me. I think that is, because I had too much expectations. There was only one shop I really liked, Fashionflairs.
Fashionflairs is a very little shop with a lot of beautiful clothes and accessoires. I found a perfect coat for the summer, but the colour didn't match with my hair and, too bad, they hadn't an other colour. They sell a lot of clothes from the brand S'Nob. I've heard of it before, but I never really looked at the brand. After Fashionflairs I really looked on the internet to find some stuff about the brand. I like S'Nob! What S'Nob sais about itself:
High fashion with an edge. The creative manifest of S'Nob is to produce high fashion with innovative details and a twist of urban edginess - always with of-the-moment styles that every self-respecting fashion lover just has to own.
And I really think this is true!

But for now, what I've bought in Amsterdam. I bought this really cute shirt/blouse and a scarf at H&M. At the MAC Cosmetics store I bought a primer and the 'strobe cream'. It's time for some pictures:
H&M Shirt
See the details of the shirt, those little glitters.. Me like!
H&M Shirt
Looks good with my blazer too!
H&M Scarf
The cute scarf!
MAC Cosmetics
MAC Strobe Cream and MAC's Prep & Prime. Especially the Strobe Cream makes me happy!

No, I didn't bought that much. I had planned to buy a lot of things, but the more I think about buying clothes, the less I buy. It's unbelievable but true.

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