Twitter and Shoeporn

YEAH! Finally, I have twitter. After two hours of stressing behind my computer, I finally know how it works. So, if you're interested in what I'm doing these days, just follow me on twitter and I will tweet you back!

and by the way, I just have to show you these amaaazing beauties:
Love, peace and shopping.

These beauties are from 3.1 Philip Lim (S/S '09) and I think it's pure shoeporn!

Headband Alert!

What do you think?

Love, peace and shopping.
Look one: with my hair split(?) in the middle
(help me out, I don't know how to say 'middenscheiding' in English!)

Love, peace and shopping.
Look two: with my hair split(?) on the right
(and I also don't know how to say 'zijscheiding' in English! Shame on me!)

Which look do you like better? I think i prefer the second look..
And what do you think of the make-up? It's not for school or something, it's more for going out! Here's a close-up:

Love, peace and shopping.

Let me know what you think!

Final Exams – The First Week

Love, peace and shopping.

Monday: Netherlands
Tuesday: Biology
Wednesday: History

The first week of my final exams... it went okay. I only have a bad feeling about history. If I make all my other exams good, I don't have to worrie at all.

I wish all the girls good luck who also have (final) exams this period!

Give me a four-leaf clover

Love, peace and shopping.

And today I failed again. This time for my driving exam. Which was nog a surprise actually, because I haven't got any sleep this night because I got sick. So I spend my night on de badroom and I can tell you, there are some more comfortable places to spend your night.. I couldn't concentrate at all and I wasn't surprised when the examiner said I didn't pass. But hey, it sucks anyway!


Love, peace and

Yeah it's true, I failed... For my oral french exam actually. Maybe you allready know, but after High School I really want to go to the Hotelschool. I did an intake-test, a long time ago, and I passed it! The problem was, I had to have a second language in my subjects and I hadn't. When I was doing the intake-test they told me I had to make a french reading exam and I thought I could do that. Now I think something went wrong, because three weeks ago, before the french test, I got a letter from the school and it said I had to do an oral exam. So I had only three weeks to prepare without any oral experience. Yesterday I had to do the test and I failed...

I hope I have some luck left somewhere, because tomorrow I have to do my driving exam...

Prom Party

Wednesday was my Prom Party! I've waited to post something about it, because I wanted to show you pictures of the party. First of all, it was a great party. I was nice to party with a lot of people you know and to say a little bit goodbye too, because the end is in sight... It's almost done for me with High School and I can finally go to the school I really want to go! (For the one who don't know yet what I want to do after High School: I want to go to the Hotelschool) For the next two and a half week I'll be busy with prepare and make my final exams. Unfortunately I haven't that much time left and I really have to focus on school only. That means for you, my blog will be boring those days. I'll tell you about the exams, but I will not post outfit posts or something...

But now it is time to see the pictures of my prom party!

Love, peace and shopping.
I drove to the red carpet with three friends in my sisters brand new car: a vintage darkblue mini cooper!

Love, peace and shopping.
With the guys wearing my first outfit: a black Patrizia Pepe cocktail dress with mango shoes.

Love, peace and shopping.
With my bgf wearing my second outfit: an ASOS cocktail dress with an enormous bow on front of the dress. I wore this dress with the same shoes and leather-look leggings.

PS I decided to order the bunny jumpsuit from ASOS and when I received the package, I will show you the jumpsuit-outfit. That will be the last outfit post, I think, before the final exams begin.

The blouse I fell in love with...

Finally an outfit post!

Love, peace and shopping.

Love, peace and shopping.

Love, peace and shopping.

Love, peace and shopping.
Blouse: Zara - Waistcoat: H&M - Leather look legging: Boavista - Heels: Mango

ASOS lover

Lately, I'm very into belts with something rare and jumpsuits. I'm looking for the right jumpsuit for a looong time, and just can't find the one which belongs to me. When I was checking out ASOS today, I found three jumpsuits which had my attention.

Love, peace and shopping.
Motel Rabbit Print Bandeau Short Playsuit
Love, peace and shopping.
ASOS Lipstick Print Twist Back Playsuit
Love, peace and shopping.
ASOS Bright Floral Jumpsuit

The thing is, I always go for the 'save' way. So the Motel jumpsuit is perfect. But, in my opinion, the bunny-print is a bit childish, or not? What do you think?

Oh, and this belt. I'm in love with it! The colors are just so beautiful..

Love, peace and shopping.
ASOS Embellished Belt

What I wore on Queensday

My Queensday was very great! I had a lot of fun in Amsterdam! Did everyone from the other dutch girls had a nice day? Here some pictures so you can see what I wore:
Love, peace and shopping.
With my boyfried

Love, peace and shopping.Oversized blouse: Zara - Belt: Zara - Bag: Guess - Sunglasses: Kylie Minogue for H&M - Earrings: Accessoirize