'De 9 straatjes' (the nine streets) in the capital of my little country, Amsterdam, are populair in whole the Netherlands. I've never been there, so shame on me! Tomorrow I will go for a shopping spree to Amsterdam and I hope I can find the nine streets. What's so special about these streets? I think because, otherwise than in the city itself, there are a lot of vintage-shops and little shops who sell everything, like an afroshop or something. In the other famous shopping street (de Kalverstraat) you have the brands like Miss Sixty, Replay, H&M, ZARA etcetera. I think this makes the nine streets different from the Kalverstraat. Anyway, I want to look for a promdress, because I have only three months left to buy a dress for my final prom. Tomorrow I will you everything about Amsterdam and I'll show you my new buyings!
De 9 straatjes

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