TOPSHOP- online store.

Oh my gosh. I'm so happy right now! When I saw this tunic at I really fell in love. It's so cute and so pretty. I was thinking if I should order it and when I wanted to do it, the tunic was soled out. But now, I was looking on the internet and I saw on a blog someone ordered the tunic. My first thought: MY LOVE IS BACK! And yes, my love was back on Topshop! So I totally went crazy and ordered the tunic immediately! Yeah!


A long time ago I bought the dress I'm wearing in the pictures, it was actually for a wedding. I wanted to wear it to wear it to school, but I really didn't know how to cobinate it. And now, I finally found a solution!



What I'm wearing:
Blazer: H&M
Dress: Guess
Thights: V&D

ARNHEM- city.

I went to Arnhem yesterday, actually for a promdress. I went to a dressstore, but they had nothing I want. So, I went to the city and bought a very cute blouse/shirt.

Wore it yesterday with a black cardigan, though.

FOTD: smokey it up

I like FOTD's very much, because you can create easily a whole other look. For this FOTD I made light smokey eyes. Let's give a look at some pictures:

The products I've used:
Primer: MAC Prep&Prime
Foundation: Everyday Minerals, colour: Fairy Light Neutral
Concealer: Estee Lauder Double Wear
Bronzer: Too Faced World Domination Beautybox
Highlighter: MAC Stobe Cream

Mascara: Oscillation, Lancome's Vibrating Mascara
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Paris Contour Kohl
Eyeshadow: The Darkest Colour from the Too Faced World Domination Beautybox and the lightest colour from the No7 Palette (see the pictures).

Too Faced World Domination Beautybox

I've used an Anastacia Eyebrow Pencil for my brows.

I've used the pink colour from the Too Faced World Domination Beautybox

Too Faced World Domination Beautybox


When Yves Saint Laurent in 1966 the smoking for woman designed, this immediately became a classic piece. And for now, half an century later, we still love the smoking for woman. On the catwalk we see a lot of pieces based on the smoking, like the jumpsuit, the blazers and minismokings. It's unbelievable the smoking was only used to be for man, but it's true. I'm glad Yves made it into a woman piece too! When I saw a photo coverage in the magazine Marie Claire, I was sold: I want a smoking too. Fall in love with the beautiful pictures I've copied from Marie Claire.
Marie Claire's phote Coverage
What's on the picture:
Jacket: Louis Vuitton
Skirt: Louis Vuitton
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Belt: Louis Vuitton
Head: Gucci
Sunglasses: Vintage Anne Klein

Marie Claire's phote Coverage
What's on the picture:
Dress: Max Mara
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana
Bag: Kenzo
Sunglasses: Sonia Rykiel

Marie Claire's phote Coverage
What's on the picture:
Jacket: Celine
Pants: Celine
Bag: Sonia Rykiel
Shoes: Sonia Rykiel
Head: Gucci
Necklace: Chanel

Marie Claire's phote Coverage
What's on the picture:
Jacket: Chanel
T-Shirt: Paul Smith
Sunglasses: Vintage

It's too bad YSL can't see his own succes nowadays, though.


How is it possible, you're probably thinking right now. How can you be in love with concealer? Well, my mum bought it a few weeks ago, I tested it and I'm in love. It's just the best concealer I've ever tried. It stays on your face the whole day, without checking it every minute. It is just perfect. And, as sweet as I am, I will share it with you!
Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer
It's the Double Wear SPF 10 Concealer from Estee Lauder. No kidding, if you're looking for a perfect concealer you have to buy this one. The only thing I'm not really fond of, is the brush. But hey, who cares? You can use your fingers instead of a brush!


In my last post you’ve read I’m in love with a brand which is new for me, S’Nob. So I want to tell you something in this post about the brand. It’s hard to find some nice clothes of S’Nob on internet, cause I only see clothes I didn’t see in the shop Fashionflairs. I’ve searched for some cute campaign pictures and I’ve found them! When you see these clothes in a shop or online, TELL ME! I have to have them, they’re pretty!
Cute blouse and a more cute leather look-a-like jacket.
I like the dress, it’s so cute! And look at those pretty colors..

I also wanted to show you something about another lovely brand I really like: Guess. Always when I’m shopping in one of my favorite shops (Boavista), I betray myself on always looking at the Guess-side of the shop. Always when I’m walking into the shop, I have to give a look at the Guess clothes. Well, a few weeks ago, I saw a blazer and immediately I fell in love with it. It was just so pretty. But I didn’t like the price, 220 Euros.. So I decided to wait with buying until sale begun. And sale it was! The blazer was for half it’s normal price, so now it was 110 Euros! But, some days before, I spend my last money and I hadn’t enough for the blazer. Again a few weeks later the sale was on its top: half of the price for the half of the price! So the blazer was now only 55 Euros! Am I lucky or what?


I've promised you to show you what I bought in Amsterdam and I also promised you to tell everything about the nine streets. Well, the nine streets disappointed me. I think that is, because I had too much expectations. There was only one shop I really liked, Fashionflairs.
Fashionflairs is a very little shop with a lot of beautiful clothes and accessoires. I found a perfect coat for the summer, but the colour didn't match with my hair and, too bad, they hadn't an other colour. They sell a lot of clothes from the brand S'Nob. I've heard of it before, but I never really looked at the brand. After Fashionflairs I really looked on the internet to find some stuff about the brand. I like S'Nob! What S'Nob sais about itself:
High fashion with an edge. The creative manifest of S'Nob is to produce high fashion with innovative details and a twist of urban edginess - always with of-the-moment styles that every self-respecting fashion lover just has to own.
And I really think this is true!

But for now, what I've bought in Amsterdam. I bought this really cute shirt/blouse and a scarf at H&M. At the MAC Cosmetics store I bought a primer and the 'strobe cream'. It's time for some pictures:
H&M Shirt
See the details of the shirt, those little glitters.. Me like!
H&M Shirt
Looks good with my blazer too!
H&M Scarf
The cute scarf!
MAC Cosmetics
MAC Strobe Cream and MAC's Prep & Prime. Especially the Strobe Cream makes me happy!

No, I didn't bought that much. I had planned to buy a lot of things, but the more I think about buying clothes, the less I buy. It's unbelievable but true.


'De 9 straatjes' (the nine streets) in the capital of my little country, Amsterdam, are populair in whole the Netherlands. I've never been there, so shame on me! Tomorrow I will go for a shopping spree to Amsterdam and I hope I can find the nine streets. What's so special about these streets? I think because, otherwise than in the city itself, there are a lot of vintage-shops and little shops who sell everything, like an afroshop or something. In the other famous shopping street (de Kalverstraat) you have the brands like Miss Sixty, Replay, H&M, ZARA etcetera. I think this makes the nine streets different from the Kalverstraat. Anyway, I want to look for a promdress, because I have only three months left to buy a dress for my final prom. Tomorrow I will you everything about Amsterdam and I'll show you my new buyings!
De 9 straatjes


Yeah, just like everybody lately, my new love is my new blazer. Always when I want to buy a blazer, my arms are too long. This is also the reason why I thought I would never ever buy a blazer at H&M. But I did and I bought a very nice one! Watch and understand:

Blazer Love
It's lovely don't you think? The shirt I'm wearing under it, is also new. It's a special shirt I think, It's oversized, but not too much and it has a very lovely print. Here's a close-up to see the print:

In love with my new outfit!

What else I'm wearing:
Blazer: H&M
(Oversized)Shirt: Guess
Jeans: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Sacha


I didn't post that much beautyarticles lately, so it's time for one. I've received my Everyday Minerals order yesterday and it made me very happy! I had some samples of the mineral powders and I decided to order a big one of my favorite colour. And I was very curious to the pressed powders, so I decided to order one of them too. While I was ordering, I found the Golden Globe Eye Palette. It's a limited edition eyeshadow with three colours in it, me like, and the colours are really pretty.

Golden Globe Eye Palette
The Golden Globe Eye Palette With three colours: a highlighter (the pinkish one), a natural colour (the lightbrown one) and a dark colour.

And here a picture of me wearing the darkest colour from the palette:

Pretty isn't it?


For the whole week, I'm laying in my bed 'cause I'm sick. Today I was that much bored, that I had to make some new pictures. For the result, look at my new 'That's me' picture. I think it's kinda funny, though! But it was a lot of work. Here's one of the other pictures I really think is pretty.


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad always shows up in the most beautyful outfits. Here a few of here outfits which I really adore.

Pretty blouse!

If I would find a dress like this one, I would buy it immediately.

Of course she looks fabulous on her own fashion show, but watch those cute shoes! Me like!

She proves here a simple LBD works!

Simple clothes are cute with the right accessories.

Less is more, hell yeah!

Give attention to the cute Chanel bag!

Casual love.

The bag, the blouse, the legging, the sunglasses.. it looks wonderful on her.

When you have a black plastic back and you make some holes in it for arms, legs and head, and you put Lauren in it.. I think she looks wonderful. The girl doesn't need designer clothes, everything looks good on her.

AIFW: me like

When I was looking for the most beautifull pieces from Amsterdam Internation Fashion Week, I really liked Iris van Herpen, Felicia Mak and Blue Blood. I was a bit dissapointed, because I tought I would like a lot more. Unfortunately, the fashion week wasn't what I expected. I've never been to one, though, but I would love to! I believe when you're watching a show, it doesn't matter what the models are wearing.. only the thought of being with a fashion week is incredible!



Really love the colours used in the show from Blue Blood and love the legging/pants from the show from Iris van Herpen.