I really have a weakness for beauty-sales. I think it's very very verrrry important to look pretty and beautyfull everyday, so yes I spend my money on clothes AND beauty. Ofcourse I have most beauty-essentuals, but you can never have too much. So, I went to sephora.com and I really couldn't believe my eyes: so much sale on those beautyfull products! I really became happy when I saw THE limited edition 'World Domination Tour' beautybox (Too Faced), which I wanted to have at christmas but didn't get... for just 23 euros!

World Domination Tour Beautybox

- Eight Eye Shadows
- Duo Bronzer
- Face Illuminator
- Six Lip Glosses
- Brow Powder
- Eyeliner Cake
- Blush

And, I'm a big fan of the Juicy Tubes! Guess what I've found on sephora.com:

Exclusive Juicy Tubes Set

Five mini Juicy Tubes in colours:
- Juicy Tubes Jelly in Daiquiri
- Juicy Tubes Smoothie in Butterflies, Pretty in Pink, and Dreamsicle
- Juicy Tubes Special Edition in Rose Fishnets


What's else on my wishlist?:
- A good face primer (from MAC or something)
- A lipstain. This is a combination of lipgloss and lipstick, so I'm curious for it! (also MAC!)
- O.P.I. nail polish (in colours: "You Don't Know Jacques!" & "Kiss On The Chic")
- The new Oscillation mascara from Lancome, which vibrates!

So I have to plan a shoppingspree very soon!


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