I really like Lauren Conrad in The Hills. She's just so amazing! Her clothes are always beautyfull and her hair and make-up are always just perfect. But especially her clothes bother me. She has her own style, but it's modern too. I'm very in love with her famous Chanel bag, it's just perfect with every outfit.
LC's Chanel bag

But, I'm in my final year now and in May I have to do exams. Before the exams we have a big gala-party on school, so I'm looking for a perfect dress. I'm still thinking.. should I wear a long or a cocktail dress? When I'm going for a long dress, I will buy a cocktail dress too for the party. But I really haven't see anything that's special enough to wear... And then I saw this picture of Lauren:
Lauren Conrad, The Hills

I really like the dress. First I thought I wanted a LBD, but now I'm thinking.. If I find a dress like this one I'll buy it immediately. But I have to find it first...

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