Yes, yes.. I made a little checklist for 2009! I guess next month I never think about it ever again, but I have to start ones. Well, I hope I can keep myself to a list for this time!

For almost every year I tried to keep this promise, but it always fails. For 2008 it was a big FAIL. I'm a little ashamed right now. It's not I want to loose weith or something, I just want to eat much more apples and strawberries instead of cookies and chocolate. I also want to do some exercises for my belly, this time I want my belly to be tight BEFORE the summer and not after it!

It maybe sounds crazy, but I really bought too much clothes I just wore ones. This time I want to spend my money on things I really really need or things which are more special. I want to keep in my mind I can better buy something expensive but very pretty, than buy something because it's from the sale. Happily I can't buy very much crap this year, because I have to save some money for Antwerpen and NEW YORK! This year I'm going for a weekend to Antwerpen with my boyfriend, and when I pass my exams I'm going to NYC with my mother!

and last but not least...
I'm very pale of myself, but in the winter it's just too bad. I look like a snow(wo)man. In 2008 I wanted to go at least every week ones or twice under the sunbed. Well, I think I did it for two weeks. I just can't find time for it! This time I really want to do it, because I just don't want to be this snowman anymore!

The first two mean the most to me, well.. wish me luck!


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