Joining The Zara Lovers

Love, peace and shopping.

Alright, I really have to share a great story with you fashionista's. It's not new for you to hear I'm a Zara lover... so I wouldn't bother you with that kind of story. The great story is actually, that my boyfriend is going to love Zara more and more. He hates shopping, that's a fact. And that's why he likes, that I sometimes buy clothes for him. He has always hated Zara, because of the messy store and because they have so much nice clothes, I never want to go away when I'm in a Zara store. The thing is, he now loves Zara because I bought a really really nice T-shirt for him. He adores his new shirt and he even loves me more, haha. I say: ladies, surprise your man with some nice clothes and he will love you more and maybe he will ever love to shop...

PS. I haven't got a photo yet, but I'll hope it comes very soon.

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