Smoothie Time

Love, Peace and Shopping.

When the weather is like the past few days, I have to make smoothies. Just because it's fun to do, to try new recipes and for thirst. Besides, it's healthy too!

Recipe for 4 glass
You need:
- a cup strawberries (I think there are about 20 strawberries in a cup)
- a cup curd (kwark)
- a half litre vanilla icecream

Next you:
put the strawberries in a blending machine. Blend the strawberries untill there aren't any big pieces in the blending machine left. Than you put the curd there. You mix everything together and than you put the icecream into the blending machine. Keep blending untill there aren't big pieces in it left, and you're smoothie is almost ready. Put it in the fridge for about a hour and bon apetite!

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