Real Addiction

To celebrate my exams are finally over, after a lot of stress and non-shopping, I had to shop. While making my exams, I looked forward for some shopping. Isn't that a real addiction? I bought some nice things at Zara, H&M and Mango (what a surprise) and I will show you those things later! I have to make pictures of it, but in the morning I don't look very attractive and in the afternoon I'm working 'till about eight o'clock. And most of the time when I'm home from work, the only two things I want are some food and my bed. Well, I promise I will make those pictures very very soon!

PS. I saw some veryyyyy nice things at ASOS today which I really want to have.. I think I have to look very sweet at daddy so I can borrow his creditcard, hihi.
Love, peace and shopping.
Oversized T

Love, peace and shopping.
Jean Legging

Love, peace and shopping.
Cotton Playsuit which I prefer in white

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  1. Hele mooie items op de foto maar met ASOS is het altijd afwachten hoe het in het echt is. Mijn ervaring iig. ;)


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