Prom Party

Wednesday was my Prom Party! I've waited to post something about it, because I wanted to show you pictures of the party. First of all, it was a great party. I was nice to party with a lot of people you know and to say a little bit goodbye too, because the end is in sight... It's almost done for me with High School and I can finally go to the school I really want to go! (For the one who don't know yet what I want to do after High School: I want to go to the Hotelschool) For the next two and a half week I'll be busy with prepare and make my final exams. Unfortunately I haven't that much time left and I really have to focus on school only. That means for you, my blog will be boring those days. I'll tell you about the exams, but I will not post outfit posts or something...

But now it is time to see the pictures of my prom party!

Love, peace and shopping.
I drove to the red carpet with three friends in my sisters brand new car: a vintage darkblue mini cooper!

Love, peace and shopping.
With the guys wearing my first outfit: a black Patrizia Pepe cocktail dress with mango shoes.

Love, peace and shopping.
With my bgf wearing my second outfit: an ASOS cocktail dress with an enormous bow on front of the dress. I wore this dress with the same shoes and leather-look leggings.

PS I decided to order the bunny jumpsuit from ASOS and when I received the package, I will show you the jumpsuit-outfit. That will be the last outfit post, I think, before the final exams begin.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. you look lovely with that dress!

  2. Wat leuk dat je twee verschillende jurkjes droeg! Jammer dat de eerste alleen niet echt duidelijk is! Je zag er mooi uit!

    Over het shirtje; ik heb idd op internet gezocht naar een leuke vogue cover en deze vond ik wel het leukst met een chanel logo erop! & heb de print zelf zwart wit gemaakt!


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