Give me a four-leaf clover

Love, peace and shopping.

And today I failed again. This time for my driving exam. Which was nog a surprise actually, because I haven't got any sleep this night because I got sick. So I spend my night on de badroom and I can tell you, there are some more comfortable places to spend your night.. I couldn't concentrate at all and I wasn't surprised when the examiner said I didn't pass. But hey, it sucks anyway!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Balen meid! :( Ook van je Frans examen, beetje veel teleurstellingen.. Succes alvast voor de volgende keer :).

  2. same happened to me!
    except for the sick part, but i also knew it wasn't good new at the end of the exam! and now i have to go again, pretty soon but again very very very nervewrecking!
    sucks so bad!

  3. It will be bettwr next time! I failed two times so I know how you feel :(


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