Shopping & Queensday

I have to apologize. I haven't updated my blog for a long time, and I am sorry. But last week I was busy voor school exams and this week I'm free! Well 'free' actually, because I have to work a lot. Which is a good thing, cause I can shop a lot, but it's a bad thing at the same time for my personal stuff. Today I went to Arnhem for a little shopping spree, which turned out very big actually. I've bought some things I was looking for, for a loooong time, I finally found the blouse I fell in love with and I'm going to do some DIY! I want to stud a simple black gilet I bought at H&M. Tips are very welcome, because it's my first DIY-project. But the problem is, it's already dark outside so I can't make good pictures. I'm hoping I can do it tomorrow after work...

And it's almost queensday! Thursday is the day! For all the dutchies: what are you going to do? Going to Amsterdam? Here's a picture to be in the mood for thursday:
Love, peace and shopping.

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  1. post a pic of your DIY after it's done. i am excited to see. i have never made one. u should check mode junkie. she tends to stud a lot of things.


  2. Hee! Ik had je vraag oo beantwoord op mn blog, maar hier nog effe een keer voor de zekerheid:Die studs moet je er indrukken en vervolgens aan de andere kant als het ware omslaan.. Dat zijn de enige soort studs die ik tot nu toe gebruikt heb.. deze blijven het langst zitten en je kan ze er ook weer vanaf halen, mocht je het toch niet zo leuk vinden! <3

  3. Hier heb je een handige tutorial:

    Ik denk dat ik het ook ga proberen :)


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