Black Friday

Love, peace and shopping.

I was very bored, when I was joining a contest on But, I got mail yesterday, and I won! It’s too bad actually, because I won some ‘Diesel Black Friday Money’ which I can exchange for discount in some Diesel stores. But I really don’t have time today. The good thing is that I can exchange it on the internet too. I wanted for a long time a Diesel jeans, but I prefer to try it in a store first. Do you want to order something at and want 30% discount? Fill in this promotional code: BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

Love, peace and shopping.
Diesel ‘Matic’ Jeans

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  1. Hi Linda, you could use the "black code" all weekend long...or you could go to a diesel store tomorrow, of course!!!

    so enjoy the Black Friday on a Black Saturday


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