Off to Antwerp

Love, Peace and Shopping.

For the following three days, I'm off to Antwerp to shop like hell! Hope you all had a great christmas! I had! The first day of christmas, was a 'normal' working day for me, but the second day with family was great. We ate a lot of selfmade food and got some nice presents! Well, I have to go now.. the next time I'm blogging it will be about Antwerp offcourse!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh heeerlijk zeg, ben gewoon jaloers op je!
    Shop ze, ik ben benieuwd!

  2. Veel plezier, ben er afgelopen dinsdag geweest! Het was druk :o

  3. Have fun, ben benieuwd naar de gescoorde koopjes!! ;)

    Ik wens je alvast een geweldig en gezond 2010!


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