Biarritz - Gran Canaria

Love, Peace and Shopping.
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Tomorrow morning I will fly to this beautiful place. I'm flying from Amsterdam to Madrid for a short (two hours) stop and than I will fly to Las Palmas. I will be staying here for two weeks! I'm very excited to go and I'm sure it will be a great vacation, because I've been there last year too. The temperature is great: between 25 and 30 degrees. The only thing which isn't very nice, is that the people in Gran Canara are late with fashion. I didn't went to the capital, Las Palmas, last year, so I'm curious this year if they have some nice shops there. I'll hope I can update my blog sometimes, but I wouldn't promiss anything.

I whish ya'll a nice vacation! Let me know where you're going to on vacation, I like that!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel veel plezier op vakantie meid! x

  2. Hey daar ben ik ook geweest toen ik 7 was. Veel plezier!

  3. Dat ziet er leuk uit, veel plezier :)

  4. ik ga deze vakatnie naar lanzarote! niet ver vandaan ;) leuke blog heb je trouwens, ik volg hem vanaf nu! fijne vakantie X


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