National glamour day

Love, Peace and Shopping.
This years national glamour day is on saturday October the third. It's organized by Glamour, the magazine. I'll be leaving in the early morning with my girl to Amsterdam, to shop 'till we drop. Because I receive Glamour every month in my mailbox, I have a goldcard. With this card I can get 50% discount on the China girl collection from the great designer Darryl van Wouw. We're definately going to visit his store in Amsterdam. Another great thing, is that de Bijenkorf (a big warehouse in the Netherlands) is having their Drie Dwaze Dagen. Another event with big discounts! God, I love fashion and especially the shopping.

Are there any other fashionista's going to shop on National glamour day? Where?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ben wel van plan, maar welke winkels doen eigelijk mee met de acties?
    Lekker he aanbiedingen? Niks voelt beter als een koopje!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  2. Ik moet werken, maar is mss maar beter voor mn portomonnee!
    Shopze! Ben benieuwd naar nieuwe aankopen!

  3. Ohneeej! Was het Glamour Day?? :( Heb ik um gemist..
    Jammer.. vorige jaren hele mooie aanbiedingen gebruikt!


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